Greetings from Cabot!

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This winter continues to be on track to make it’s mark in the record books! Not in a snowy fashion, but with warm temperatures and little snow. Remember, it was just this past January that all kinds of snowy records were smashed. Now, we have a depressing lack of snow in New England. Ski areas are struggling to open large amounts of new terrain and snowmaking systems are being forced to show their true colors. The new year will bring a close to December; at which point, we can look back and quantitatively determine how much below average we were in the snowfall department and how much above average we were in terms of temperatures.

Until then, enjoy these photos from Cabot, Vermont. I’m up here visiting family. Normally, winter visits feature a good amount of snowmobiling. This year, especially after last night’s rain storm, adequate snow is hard to find. Grass dominates the fields that normally lie under snow drifts that are several feet high. Tonight, I ran into a pleasant surprise while in town! A moderate snow shower was blanketing the road. Thank the northwest wind and the Green Mountains!



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