Leap Day Winter Storm

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Snow is falling across many parts of the state at this hour. In many cases, it is heavy. A good number of towns have already picked up a few inches of snow. As expected, the shoreline is seeing plain rain.

NW Bristol via Live Cam at 1:50pm

The snow/mix line will being to make significant northward movement by 5pm. This is when  inland areas will see a transition from snow to sleet. The southern four counties will see plain rain as we head through this evening and overnight.

The precipitation will continue through tomorrow morning. I expect an icy mix of sleet and freezing rain in the hills west and east of Hartford. Basically, all of Litchfield, western Hartford, Tolland and Windham counties will see the icy mix. While areas on the CT/MA border will likely change to sleet around dinnertime this evening just as the rest on inland Connecticut does, these areas stand the best chance of changing back over to all snow around 2am. The river valley from Middletown to Hartford will see plain rain for the most part overnight, with a chance that the icy mix recedes southward into these areas by morning.

The steady precipitation should be gone to our east by 7am tomorrow. Throughout the day, colder air moves in and any remaining snow/sleet/rain showers transition over to snow showers.

Here is what I expect when it comes to snowfall totals.

Expected Total Snowfall (by noon Thursday)

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  1. Haskell Sie
    | Reply

    So is this website updated on a continuous (not discrete) basis? And that live cam, don’t tell me you set it up. At first I thought you were reporting about State College, but it then occurred to me we haven’t had snow this week (thank God!). And I probably haven’t been this enthusiastic about what I do like you are about meteo….which is good, DGMW.

    • Tyler Jankoski
      | Reply

      I only update for big weather events. I used to do weekly forecasts but I don’t have the time that I used to have before Penn State.

      • Haskell Sie
        | Reply

        forecasting uses stats lol….that’s the last topic i have on the syllabus. maybe you’ll love stats at the end of the semester haaha

  2. Haskell Sie
    | Reply

    so how do you get all those cool pictures (or figures) anyways? they’re really professionally done. This website might be another one that i might ‘follow’ haha….other than facebook,twitter,etc.

    • Tyler Jankoski
      | Reply

      I make all of my graphics in Photoshop.

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