Introducing “The Weather Junkies”

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There’s a new weather radio show on the block, and it’s called “The Weather Junkies.”

My friend Dakota Smith, who graduated from Penn State with me and is currently a graduate student at Colorado State University, spearheaded the idea.

We’re both degreed meteorologists, now going separate ways. Different perspectives are important.

The goal is to produce one show per week, discussing the latest buzz in the weather enterprise. For those not familiar, the weather enterprise is broken down into three sectors: academia, government and private sector.

Academia includes researchers at universities, government is represented by the National Weather Service and the private sector includes companies like AccuWeather and Weather Services International (WSI).

Dakota’s done a wonderful job setting up the show on several distribution platforms, including YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes.

So far, we’ve done two episodes. The first focused on The Weather Channel, while the second focused on finding your niche in the weather community.

We’re open to ideas for the show, and we hope to have frequent guests. Feel free to contact us!

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