Bristol’s New Pierce Pumper

Bristol’s New Pierce Pumper

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Though I no longer live in Bristol, Connecticut, I remain a fire buff and stay in touch with the latest happenings in my hometown.

I was in town for a wedding this weekend, so I was able to capture some shots of the Bristol Fire Department’s brand new pumper.

The 2017 Pierce Enforcer is state-of-the-art, and the first truck in the fleet to feature airbags. The truck is very similar to a 2015 model currently serving downtown as Engine 1, the busiest engine company in the city.

It replaced a 1997 Pierce Lance, which served on the front line for 20 years, first as Engine 1, then as Engine 2 beginning in 2004.

The venerable Lance, though showing signs of corrosion from winter wear-and-tear, will serve as Reserve Engine 8. It bumps an issue-prone 2004 E-One Typhoon from service all together, at least with Bristol.

A request for proposal is currently open for another new pumper, so it’s quite possible that a 2018 Pierce Enforcer joins the fleet next year. Engine Company 4 still runs a 1997 Pierce Lance.

By all accounts, the Pierce trucks have performed better than the E-One pieces in the Bristol fleet.

In fact, the 1995 Pierce Lance tower, a reserve since 2006, has seen more time on the front-line in recent months than the 2006 E-One Cyclone II that replaced it.

Enjoy these photos!


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