Indoor Plans This Weekend, Right? Wait!

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Rain, rain, and more rain. When will it end? Earlier this week I made mention of a possible sun sighting on Friday. It happened a few times. Now, we wonder when a day will come along with complete sun. We may have to wait until next week to experience such a privilege. However, a weak and short lived ridge of high pressure should deliver decent weekend weather.

Saturday is going to be better than Friday. We will wake up to an awesome sunrise with morning temperatures in the low 50’s. Later in the day, dew points will be between 55 and 60, so expect a bit of humidity in the air. Temperatures will peak around 75 degrees in the afternoon. Get ready for a day that finally feels like early summer! Skies will be partly cloudy and although there is a slight chance for a shower or weak thunderstorm in the afternoon, don’t cancel plans. The chance is minimal.

Sunday will begin with temperatures around 50 degrees. Yes, it will be chilly to start. Skies will be partly cloudy with high temperatures peaking in the upper 60’s. Enjoy your weekend!

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